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Domestic Maids

SMDC has been placing foreign domestic maids since 2002 to families in Singapore who needs help in their domestic chores.

Our emphasis has always been on maintaining high standard established over the years in selecting responsible, competent and diligent domestic maids to families who will leave their home, children, elderly and pets in their care. As such, a great deal of our time has been invested in matching suitable qualified candidates to meet the pre-requisites set by our clients.

With our associate training centers in Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar, we are able to provide quality trainings set in our training centers. Simultaneously, one of our key criteria in the placement of domestic maids is to understand our clients’ requisites and requirements. With this information, we shall continuously improve our selection procedure and ensure the right attributes and qualities of our domestic maids as desire by our clients are delivered.

In addition, reference checks on past experiences are part of our responsibilities to qualify the selected maids to fully meet our client’s requisites.