Employer Looking for Staff

SMDC’s Recruitment Team proposes to deliver our recruitment solutions specific to your business requirements through informative discussions. Through these informative discussions, SMDC will be able to profile Client’s needs into specific deliverables.

Following that, SMDC will continue an on-going consultative process to follow through the detailed recruitment procedure but differ in the level of management input required and costs. This is imperative to developing a successful resourcing solution to create a balance between people, process and technology. With this in mind, SMDC proposes a customized resourcing solution designed to fill the Client’s ‘People’ needs in the line with internal processes, systems and technology.

The SMDC Management Process

The permanent recruitment strand is managed by our experienced Human Resource Manager and Consultants. We will develop an understanding of the business requirements and ensure that the recruitment strand meets the requirements in-line with Client specified deadlines.

Our Human Resource Manager and Consultant will liaise directly with the Client Key Personnel and will be responsible for achieving all Service Levels Agreements. Through this consultative process, measures will be implemented to ensure that criteria’s are continuously met.

Flow Diagram: Communication Channel

The Selection of Success

There are various methods to determine selection suitability when recruiting for staff. In most case selection criteria’s are relatively obvious. At SMDC we are continuously improving our selection procedure in line with our clients requirements.

Through the benchmarking of previous resourcing projects we understand the importance of establishing the correct competencies and skills levels. We believe that past behavior in a customer services environment will determine future behavior.